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Why sell on ?

50% for standard or extended license. offers you the possibility to sell your vector cliparts on it’s website.
Become a contributor and get 50% of the cliparts price.

How much money can I make ?

The payouts is 50% for each file downloaded, for a standard or extended license.

For example: for a 4$ standard license clipart sold, the extended license price is 20$ (5x the standard price).
With 4$ clipart sold, you will get 2$ by standard license and 10$ for an extended licence.
You can follow your earnings on your account.

How many cliparts can i upload ?

You can send all the cliparts you want.
You can submit only 5 cliparts at the same time, as soon as they are accepted and put online, you can send new cliparts.

How can i send cliparts ?

You must first submit a JPEG preview (500x500 pixels and < 1MO). As soon as the JPEG is validated, you will be prompt to send a ZIP file of the AI file (ZIP < 5Mo).

How do I get paid ?

Once earnings reach $100 you can request a payout which is processed within 7 days.
Payments will be transfer to your PayPal / Skrill account.

What about the prices ?

Cliparts's prices are fixed by us and may change by the time (your earnings will stay proportional to this new price).
The extended license clipart is 5 time higher than the standard license price.

File format : lllustrator 10 (.AI)

Zip File Max Size : 5 Mo

Upload : 5 uploads max at the same time

Clipart-Box reserves the right to reject any clipart if it does not seem to match the needs of the site.

You must own the cliparts submitted.
Otherwise, you will be banned, no money will be paid and your personal information transmitted to the authorities.

How can i become a contributor ?

Click on the register button and fill the requested informations.
Important : Your must have a Payal or Skrill account.